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Richard & Elise

First loves reunited after 50 years

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the work she’d done since moving in a month earlier. New furniture in the living room and dining room created an inviting, lived-in effect. The off-white, peach and tan color lent the rooms a spacious and airy feel.

“What is left to do?” I said.

“Stools for the breakfast bar and hang a few pictures. Plus, I really wanted to talk to you. Just you.”

The news puzzled me. Mom was closer to Sally than me.

“I’ve been talking to someone special for the last week,” she said in a nervous school girl kind of voice.

I knew how much Mom didn’t like being along. “Oh no, not another guy,” I said.

She cleared her throat. “No, well … yes, but not just any guy. Peter.”

“Peter? Your first love?” I said.

There were awkward starts and stops. Her flushed face told me more.

“Ahhhh, a reunion. And how long has it been?” I said.

She picked up an emory board and filed her nails. “I’m going to see him next week. Oh, it’s been 50 years.”

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